Come train in a small group setting to get the individualized attention that you've been looking for! Our travel hockey programs will focus on breaking down technique and mastering skills on the ice to get an edge on the competition. 



Power-skating: At FIA we work to improve power, strength, speed and endurance in your skating. You will see improvement, working on same drills that even the professionals use to help their game!

Our Aim:

- Boot & blade awareness - Proper balance & posture - Longer strides - Develop quick starts - Controlled crossovers and edge control - Improve self-motivation & confidence - Endurance through cardiovascular drills - Correcting existing problems

Stick Handling: At FIA we want to develop your player’s full potential, motivating them with drills that work on their stick handling skills and at the same time increasing their confidence with the puck.

Our Aim:

- Teach proper technique - Work on puck protection - Becoming a better passer and pass receiver - Increase confidence level with puck through repetition

Shooting: At FIA we show proper shooting technique through correct repetitions as we believe in quality, not quantity.

Our Aim:

-   Show proper technique - Work on all shots : shots under pressure, slap, wrist, snap, backhands, one timers. Stationary and in-stride - Increase confidence in shot through motivation and good repetitions

Small Area Games:small area games is where you build on your skills with proper technique from stick handling and shooting classes. In this class we continue on developing our skills while playing the game and having fun.

Our aim:

-   Providing fun competition - Further development of skill - Player creativity - Increasing confidence to bring their game out on the bigger surface

Dominating the Corners and Battle Drills: Working on our body position and how to battle effectively.

Our Aim:

-   Learn how to battle & protect the puck - Get out of comfort zone and fight for the puck - Build confidence and be better battlers on the ice 


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